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If you’d like to host a workshop in your city or institution, write to, and I’ll see if we can fit it in the schedule!

01 October: Mahindra – École Centrale, slightly outside Hyderabad

Here was an engineering college that loved its students to study design and humanities.  We spent a whole day re-drawing comic strips, studying their techniques, adapting from literature and discussing points of view and voice in comics. Two teachers sat in, too. Paromita Bose from Humanities, and Didier Clouteau from Engineering.


21 August: Lamakaan Hyderabad

We had a good time at the 1-day workshop in Hyderabad. Much thanks to the folks at Lamakaan for generously accommodating us. The 30 participants were really enthusiastic about the exercises. More workshops are in the offing in Hyderabad.


25 July: Yara Communications, Calicut

It was a treat to work with advertising professionals. The storytelling exercises had some surprising entries from the designers and managers. This experience underlined my hunch that ads have a lot in common with comics.


15- 16 , 20 – 21 June, DRS International School, Hyderabad

Kids are kids, little ids, big ids and half-egos. Quite a bunch to deal with. See the school blog for more.

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26 May, Malappuram, Kerala

Gave an introductory talk on Design Basics at the Institute of Gems and Jewellery, INKEL, Kerala. Using the Bauhaus’s chair designs as examples, we looked at how a little could say a lot when designed well. And how integrated design is about telling good stories.

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