1. What’s the point of these workshops?

To provoke you into engaging with comics.

You’ll walk away with a bunch of comics and cartoons and ideas for more, which you never imagined you had inside you.

The workshops for designers, communicators and artists will focus on the formal structures of comics, and lessons in design and communication that can be drawn from the works of comics masters.

2. How’s that done?

Through engaging talks, kick-ass storymaking exercises, short collaborative projects, close-reading of great comics and cartoon strips, images and stories.

Writing and drawing exercises, people-watching and tongue-lashings, besides.

3. Who is Javed, really?

Javed was a Sociologist until he realized the world was a much less serious place. He taught the popular Comics and Graphic Novels course with M. Sudhamshu at Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore, before moving to the United States to study comics full-time at the SAW, Florida.

Trained by Tom Hart, Kurt Wolfgang, Justine Andersen and other rogue American cartoonists, Javed morphed into an ace comics teacher and performer who thinks his presentations are live comic strips.